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American Babe Collection ➳ is your shopping source for one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that make a statement. Our goal is to have our products enhance your wardrobe, boost your self confidence, and make you feel like a total babe! However you ended up on our website, we are so glad you're here and so honored you have chosen to shop with us.

Bethany Mazza

Hey Babes! Bethany Mazza here! I'm a 25 year old California raised country girl and I'm the one-woman show behind American Babe Collection. Running my boutique is my full time job! If you can't find me working on my boutique I am probably out with my goats! We have a small hobby farm, where we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf goats! I like to think of myself as a go-getter and dream-chaser. I have spent the majority of my life chasing dreams in owning my own piece of land, and opening my very own clothing boutique! It has been a huge goal of mine since I can remember.

My goal for American Babe Collection is to inspire women to branch out of their comfort zone and wear something that makes them feel they can take on anything life throws their way. I want you to rock your pieces and rock them with confidence, knowing you're a women who lives by her own rules, pushing every limit, and making a statement that says, "Here I am, today" without saying anything at all. I hope all of you love and enjoy each of our collections, thank you for supporting this dream of mine! xo - Bethany

Bethany & her Fiancé Ryan's Engagement photos 5/20/19

Bethany with one of her 2019 Nigerian Dwarf goat babies

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